FivePointFour stands for 5 meal plans and 4 key goals:

Our 5 meal plans:

Men’s Weight Loss
Women’s Weight Loss
Muscle Gain

Our 4 main goals:


FivePointFour is a community of lifestyle driven, health-conscious individuals. From busy young professionals, working parents to fitness fanatics - we cater for people who want to eat healthy and achieve their ideal health and fitness.

It’s hard to find the time each week to shop, prepare and cook healthy meals. So FivePointFour does the work for you – giving you back hours every week to focus on what’s important in your life. For around the same cost as your groceries, you can have healthy meals delivered to your home or workplace.


We are different to other meal providers. We are purely goal-focused and go to the ends of the earth to support you in achieving your ideal health and fitness. There are just 2 easy steps to join FivePointFour!

  1. Select a meal plan that best suits your goals:
    • Weight Loss
    • Maintenance
    • Training
    • Muscle Gain
    • Vegan

    Alternatively, you can have one of our nutrition experts to choose a meal plan that best suits your goals.

  2. Nominate the number of healthy meals you would like delivered to your door:

    Choose from our two delivery options:

    1. Weekly - all your meals catered for the week. No additional cooking required
    2. Fortnightly - covering off your lunches and dinners for the work week. You take care of your meal prep on the weekend.

    Our delicious meals are on a set menu so we’ve made the hard decisions for you already! Meals are on a 5-week rotation, giving you great variety from week to week. Click here to view our weekly meal plans for the full 5 weeks.


  • We believe in providing affordable and convenient nutrition
  • We believe you can achieve your ideal health and fitness
  • We believe together we can equalise nutrition globally
  • We believe a healthy lifestyle makes you look good, feel great and be more confident
  • We believe that quick-fix fad diets are destructive and not sustainable
  • We believe it’s our responsibility to reduce our food waste footprint
  • We believe cooking is a hobby, not a chore
  • We believe in NO ordinary moments in life!

For more information, visit our FAQs and Terms and Conditions, or give us a call on

1300 343 656