FivePointFour’s Men’s Weight Loss Meals are the perfect macronutrient breakdown: they have low carbs and calories to help reduce stubborn fat, whilst being high in protein to increase tone and energy levels.

"I have really enjoyed these meals and have showed a lot of progress losing weight. I have been on the meal plan since 7th of Jan. To present day I have lost 20 kilos. Thank you so much!"


To achieve optimum results, women shouldn’t eat the same meals as men. Our Women’s Weight Loss meals are specifically designed to suit the way women absorb and breakdown food to maximise and fast-track weight loss.

Ash Donnelly’s amazing progress halfway through her program.


Maintenance Club Meals are ideal for busy men and women who are committed to eating healthy and want to reduce fat and tone up. This plan helps improve your wellbeing and increases your ability to lead an enjoyable and active life.

Check out our client Beau! He's lost 17kg, and I'm sure you'll agree he's looking great.


Training Meals are specifically tailored for men and women who are undertaking any form of training. We have had great success with clients who are increasing their resistance training such as, weight training, Cross Fit etc.

"10kg gone and never coming back! Amazing how your body can transform. With the right food choices fuel by FivePointFour, mixed with the knowledge of nutrition, I’m stoked with the results during my 8 week challenge"


Our Muscle Gain Meals are ideal to help body builders build lean muscle mass, increase size and strength, and maximise recovery so you can reach your bodybuilding goals.

"Big shout out to Five Point Four for making life that much easier for meal prep while preparing for a show. If your looking to gain, maintain or lose weight I would definitely recommend having a look into it!"


FivePointFour is proud to launch Australia’s FIRST high protein, low fat, low sugar, plant based, vegan meals. The Vegan menu is a healthy option designed for weight loss. They are completely GLUTEN AND LACTOSE FREE.

"28kg's in 12 weeks! I am so happy to have made this change in my life. I couldn't have done it without the help of Beni Doolan from Five Point Four & Nick Leask at Training 4 Results for the killer gym sesh's!"