• High protein
  • Low carb
  • Low fat
  • Low calorie
  • Low sugar

There are 375 calories per meal. Each meal has approximately 50g of protein, 12g of fat (2-3g saturated fats), 6-10g of carbohydrates (2-4g sugars).

If you are exercising you are only 20% there - 80% is nutrition. FiVEPOINTFOUR meals are designed specifically for men to fast track weight loss.

To maximise weight loss, the number of calories, proteins and carbohydrates in each meal are vital for success. FivePointFour’s Men’s Weight Loss Meals are the perfect tool to assist in leaning up and getting that body you’ve always wanted. These meals are low carbohydrates, sugars and calories to help reduce stubborn fat, whilst high in protein to increase tone and energy levels.

To achieve optimum results, men shouldn’t eat the same meals as women. Our Men’s Weight Loss meals are specifically designed to suit the way men absorb and breakdown food. Males absorb up to 30-65g of protein per serve, so it is important that men consume meals that meet these exact requirements, along with the correct portion sizes.

TIP: Exercising in conjunction with this meal plan will maximise results. We always recommend reducing alcohol consumption whilst undertaking any meal plan.

KEEPING IT OFF: Losing the weight is a great achievement however maintaining it is a struggle for many people. So start on our Weight Loss Meals and once you have achieved your goals, transition to our Maintenance Meals. No more yoyo diets! We provide you with the meals and ongoing support to ensure that you continue to eat healthy and keep the weight off, once and for all.

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Meal Plan Options

WEEKLY MEAL PLAN (1125 calories per day)

  • $149.95 per week*
  • 20 MEALS Delivered WEEKLY
  • 3 meals a day, 7 days a week (excluding Sunday night)

This plan is ideal for fast-tracking weight loss. We recommend you prepare a healthy breakfast each day and eat three 5.4 meals through-out the day. Enjoy your meals every 3-4 hours. By eating a meal with the right macros every three hours or so, you keep your metabolism firing ... Which leads to a healthy amount of weight loss in the most efficient way. Sunday is ‘fun day’ so reward yourself with a night eating out.

*Delivery additional

WEEKLY MEAL PLAN + BREAKFAST (1425 calories per day)

  • $184.95 per week*
  • 20 MEALS + 7 BREAKFASTS Delivered WEEKLY
  • Breakfast omelettes daily followed by 3 x 5.4 meals a day, 7 days a week (excluding Sunday night)

To make life and weight loss EVEN easier, we have just introduced the Unicorn plan which includes 7 breakfasts as well as the 20 weight loss meals. Breakfast are delicious omelettes with 300 calories.

*Delivery additional

LUNCH and DINNER PLAN (750 calories per day)

  • $74.95 per week*
  • (charged $149.95 every fortnight)
  • 20 MEALS Delivered FORTNIGHTLY
  • 2 meals a day, 5 days a week (excluding Sunday night)

This plan is perfect for men wanting to lose weight with the help of FivePointFour. If you struggling to prepare healthy low fat, low carb and low calorie meals during the week, 5.4 provides you with lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday, leaving you to prepare your own healthy breakfast each day, as well as your own meals on the weekend.

*Delivery additional


  • $184.95 every fortnight plus delivery*
  • 20 MEALS + 7 Breakfast Omelettes Delivered FORTNIGHTLY
  • 2 meals a day, 5 days a week (excluding Sunday night)

*Delivery additional


We have an 8 week challenge that is starting next Thursday!

It is designed to help you achieve your ideal weight, fitness and health goals. On average our members lose 1-2kg a week on this plan.

Each week we provide you an easy-to-follow plan outlining what to eat, when to exercise, when to add carbs and tips to maximising and fast-track your weight loss.

The Mens Weight Loss Meals are designed specifically to maximise weight loss and burn stubborn fat. Men and women breakdown fats differently so its important you don't eat the same meal plan. That's why we have a separate meal plan for men and women.

Our Weight Loss meals are low carb, low calories, low sugar and low fat but high in protein. This keeps you fuller for longer and gives you loads of energy. All our meals are made with premium Australian produce: 100% chicken breast, lean beef and low fat mince.

Each 5.4 MEN's weight loss meal is 375 calories each. There are 3 x 5.4 meals provided a day, 7 days a week (excluding Sunday night which you get off). You just need to add a healthy low carb breakfast (or shake) and healthy snacks, as well as carbs when you train.

The cost for the weight loss box is $149.95 plus delivery per week.

To make life and weight loss EVEN easier, we have just introduced the Unicorn plan which includes 7 breakfasts as well as the 20 weight loss meals. They are a mix of omelettes and frittatas that are 250 - 300 calories. The cost of the unicorn box is $184.95 per week plus delivery.

You don't pay upfront – its a weekly payment plan.

The plan is really easy to follow - you won't even realise your on a diet as the meals taste amazing!

Are you up for the challenge? Register now with our Men's Weight Loss Plan or Men's Unicorn Weight Loss plan, and we will send you your first week of your 8 week challenge on your first delivery day via email.

Want to join the 8 week challenge but are light on cash?

Another simple and secure way for you to pay for your orders (aside from paying weekly), is that we have just introduced: zipPay!

zipPay is an option for you to order now and pay later of the total value of the 8 week challenge with flexible payment options! It's as simple as that!

How do you do it?

Register now and select the Men's or Women's 8 Week Challenge paid with zipPay (interest free) meal plan.

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Order the 5.4 8 week challenge and pay later!

How payment of your 8 week challenge works with Zippay

At the end of every billing month, you can choose to pay off your balance in full, or simply make a payment that suits your budget (note: there is a minimum repayment of $40 per month required). A $5 monthly account service fee is added to your account for any month you have an outstanding balance.

There is NO establishment fee to setup your account and NO INTEREST ever! If you have repaid your balance in full within 30 days you will never be charged any fees! Additionally, once you have repaid your balance down to $0, no fees will ever be charged to your account – it will simply remain open waiting for you to use again to make additional purchases.

Safety and Security

Enjoy buyer protection on all purchases made using ZipPay.

No credit card numbers. No worries!

We employ the same encryption as the big banks.

We have partnered with global leaders in fraud prevention who count PayPal and eBay as clients.


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