• High protein
  • Low GI
  • Low saturated fat
  • Low sugar

There are 835 calories per meal. Each meal has approximately 60 grams of protein, 32 grams of fat (2 – 7 grams saturated fats), 75 grams of carbs (2 – 7 grams sugar).

The most important factor in bodybuilding is proper nutrition, not JUST the time spent in the gym! Our Muscle Gain Meals help you build lean muscle mass, increase size and strength, and maximise recovery.

Our bodybuilding meals are packed full of the right macronutrients – the meals are the perfect formulation of proteins, fats, carbohydrates needed to fast track muscle gain.


Muscle mass is made up of around 25 per cent protein, which is why a protein-rich diet is really important if you want to build strong, sizeable muscles. If you're working out regularly, you should be maximising your protein intake to aid recovery and muscle growth. Our Muscle Gain Meals are rich in chicken and beef components, meaning you'll get all the protein your body needs.


Don't be put off by fat. It's one of your body's major sources of fuel and is essential in a muscle building diet. There's around nine calories per gram of fat, making it one of the best sources of energy. Many bodybuilders are looking for a diet that leaves them in caloric surplus (it helps build muscle and reduce recovery time), and the simple fact is that fats are the best way to get it. The trick is to use the right sort of fats. Our bodybuilding meals derive fats from proteins, fruits and vegetables. It's the healthiest way to get the fats your body needs to bulk up.


Keep the carbs! Carbs stimulate the release of insulin which can aid muscle growth that is essential for bodybuilding. We pack our muscle gain diet plans with the carb-dominant foods you need, such as vegetables, grains and legumes. With our bodybuilding meal plans, we've struck the perfect balance between protein, carbs and fats.

TIP: Follow this plan and you'll have the energy to last throughout the day and make the most of your intense training sessions.

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Meal Plan Options

WEEKLY MEAL PLAN (2500 calories per day)

  • $149.95 per week*
  • 15 MEALS Delivered WEEKLY

This plan is ideal for fast-tracking lean muscle gains. There is no need to do anything else – all your meals are prepared for you. This ensures you have plenty of energy for the day.

*Delivery additional


  • $184.95 per week plus delivery*
  • Breakfast omelettes daily followed by 2 meals a day, 7 days a week plus one additional

To make life and weight loss EVEN easier, we have just introduced the Unicorn Muscle Gain plan which includes 7 breakfasts as well as the 15 training meals. Breakfast are delicious omelettes with 300 calories. They are also a great post workout snack.

*Delivery additional

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