Are you wondering if you can have snacks while on the FivePointFour 8 week weight loss challenge?  You sure can!


You can have up to two serves of this groups per day:

Dry Roasted Almonds (10g)

Celery Sticks (100g)

Cottage Cheese (Low Fat) (80g)

Hard Boiled Eggs (50g)

Sugar Free Jelly (200g)

Flaxseed Oil (5g)

Pumpkin Seeds (10g)

Protein Shake (40g)


Every couple of days or so you can also have a serve of the following as a snack:

Rice Cakes (30g-50g)

Apple (100g-200g)

Banana (100g)

Dried Dates (100g-150g)

Grapefruit (100g-200g)

Pear (100g-200g)

Edamame (50g-100g)

Frozen Red Grapes (100g)

Being prepared with some snacks you can bring with you is the name of the game if you lead a busy life. It can save you from being hungry and being tempted to eat junk food in place of real food so pack a couple of these snacks in each day for success!