Lookout New South Wales and Victoria: There is a new, healthy meal option now available! Brisbane-based 5.4 has officially launched in 2 more states, offering delicious, nutritious meals.

According to 5.4 founder and nutritional expert Ben Doolan, the company’s customers drove the recent expansion.

“We love to meet and connect with like-minded people on social media and at health and fitness events,” Doolan explains.

“We have been very transparent in letting friends of 5.4 know what numbers we need to get a territory started and they get together their friends and help make it happen.”

For the team at 5.4, which has more than tripled its business in less than six months, the latest expansion into NSW and Vic follows other growth throughout Queensland.

After delivering to Townsville, there were soon enough people from Mackay, Cairns and Rockhampton asking for 5.4 as well, and the company was keen to deliver.

“Our goal is for everyone to have access to healthy and affordable eating so we are expanding as quick as we can to areas that express interest,” Doolan says.

Unlike other meal companies, 5.4 cooks fresh food every week based on the number of orders received. This ensures customers get the freshest ingredients, and allows the chefs to update the menu constantly.

Within one week of signing up, your food will arrive on your doorstep, setting you up for success.

“We understand that once you make a commitment to eat healthier and exercise, you need the support and tools straight away to ensure you stick at it and get the results you want,” Doolan says.

“Those first few weeks are crucial. So if you meals are taken care of you can focus purely on training and getting back into your fitness.”

So what’s next for 5.4? Don’t expect them to sit back on past success: The company is eyeing an expansion into ACT.