Lose 1-2 kg per week - fROM only $10.75 per meal

Do you workout regularly? Still finding it difficult to tone up and drop those last few kilos?

Get the daily support you need to train hard and achieve your fitness goals with the 5.4 Active Lifestyle Plan, which is designed specifically for those who exercise 3 or more times a week and is scientifically proven to improve wellness, increase energy and burn stubborn fat. Our macronutrient measured meals provide just the right amount of fuel to help tighten and transform your body. On average, those on 5.4 Active Lifestyle Plan lose 1-2kg per week with our easy-to-follow program.

How 5.4 Active Lifestyle Plan Works:

You get 14 macronutrient measured meals delivered to your door, enough for 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner) for 7 days.
Each of these meals meet the '4' key foundations required to fast track results:
  • Low carb
  • Packed with protein
  • Low sugar
  • Low saturated fat
Follow our guide by eating two 5.4 Active Lifestyle Plan meals per day (one at lunchtime and one at dinnertime) with recommendations for additional snacks, breakfast and beverages.
38g protein*
45g carbs*
Less than 4g sat fat*
Less than 4g sugar*

*based on average across meals 21/02/18

Pre-prepared meals to fuel an Active lifestyle.

5.4's Active Lifestyle plan is designed specifically for fat loss - while providing extra carbs needed for regular exercise:

Reduce fat
Reduce your carb intake, yet have enough to fuel you when exercising 3 times a week
Improve wellness
Regain time - no more calorie counting!
Increase energy - feel full and satisfied while you lose weight

As someone who works out regularly, you know how important it is to eat the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats (macronutrients) every day to ensure you get the right intake. Our Active Lifestyle meal plan has been developed with high quality proteins and carbohydrates- so you'll feel fuller for longer, have loads of energy and feel less bloated.

5.4 Active Lifestyle Meals from only $10.75 each - so there are no excuses for not starting your plan now to achieve your ideal weight. Plus you can eat now, pay later with zipPay

If you would like to speak to one of our advisors about whether this plan is right for you, please call 1300 343 656, jump on web chat or email our friendly team..

Premium quality food, nothing hidden

There are no nasties hidden in 5.4: No white rice, white potato, cream, bread, pastry or cheese in ANY of our Active Lifestyle meals.

At 5.4, we only use premium ingredients such as 100% chicken breast, Australian beef and mince, vegetables, grains, legumes, pulses and beans.

All 5.4 prepared meals are macronutrient measured - which means you'll get the correct balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats, so you can lose weight easily.

That's why 5.4 meal plans are endorsed by GPs/doctors, health experts, Diabetic consultants and PTs/Gyms throughout Australia.

All meals are produced in a state-of-the-art $47M kitchen facility ensuring safety, locking in nutrition and giving you a 12 month shelf life (part of our commitment to a low food waste footprint).

Stop counting calories - start eating our scientifically proven, macronutrient measured, active lifestyle meals to lose 1kg to 2kg per week.

What's in the 5.4 Active Lifestyle Meal Plan?

14 prepared macronutrient measured, active lifestyle meals, recommended for regular exercisers, for lunch and dinner
540 calories per meal
From only $150.50 per box 
* excludes delivery
Follow our scientifically proven meal plan for active lifestyle and lose 1-2 kg per week
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*Excludes delivery and customisation


Get a selection of 14 meals in a variety box or customise for $5


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