$11.75 PER MEAL
50g protein*
57g carbs*
Less than 5g sat fat*
Less than 5g sugar*

*based on average across meals 21/02/18

5.4 specialises in protein-packed, healthy prepared meals that are the ultimate training partner to hustle for that muscle. 5.4 is designed to fast track results and giving you more time to train and get you those gainz!

FivePointFour has ‘5’ meal plans: 5.4’s Muscle Gain is designed specifically for people who are wanting to build muscle and fuel their workouts. 5.4’s Muscle Gain Plan is also ideal for people who are preparing for competitions. Each meal contains the following strict macronutrient breakdown:

 50g protein*
Less than 5g sat fat*
 Less than 5g sugar*
57g carbs*

Compare our labels and see why we are better for you.

5.4’s protein-packed, low sugar, low GI prepared meals work perfectly with your workout to fast track results:

Build lean muscle
Reduce fat
Improve wellness
Regain time
Increase energy.

There are no nasties hidden in 5.4: No white rice, white potato, cream, bread, pastry or cheese in ANY of our meals. That's why we are endorsed by GPs/doctors, health experts, Diabetic consultants and PTs/Gyms throughout Australia.

You won’t believe how great our huge range of 30+ prepared meals and breakfasts taste - you’ll feel fuller for longer, have loads of energy and feel less bloated.

Meals are only $11.75 each and breakfast are only $5 so there are no excuses for not achieving your ideal body building goals. Plus you can eat now, pay later with zipPay.

SAVE: Signup with a training buddy, spouse, flatmate or friend and get $20 off your orders ONGOING!

At 5.4 we only use premium Australian lean mince and beef, plus 100% chicken breast (no thigh). All meals are produced in a state-of-the-art $47M kitchen facility ensuring safety and accuracy, locking in nutrition, and giving you are 12 month shelf life (part of our commitment to a low food waste footprint).

If you would like to speak to one of our advisors about whether this plan is right for you, please call 1300 343 656, jump on web chat or email our friendly team.



695 Calories per 5.4 meal

1390 Calories per day plus breakfast, additional snacks & supplements

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Get 14 of the Chef's pre-selected meals or customise yourself for $5


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