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"I love 5.4 Meals! There are no “hidden nasties” - they keep as much of the preservatives and additives out that many other prepared food companies neglect to remove. Having delicious, truly healthy food delivered to your door makes a huge difference when you can’t prepare food yourself."

Barbara - Ringwood, VIC

"5.4 has allowed me to always feel like I’m in charge of my nutrition. I have yet to be bored of their meal selection and have been a loyal customer for a year now!"

Beau - Bowen Hills, QLD

"Perfect Meals to Compliment Your Training. The hard work has already been done for me - All I have to do is train, eat and sleep and the fat burns right off."

Benjamin - Drummoyne, NSW

"5.4 has exceeded my expectations as a food delivery service. They have saved me so much time and effort in meal prep that it free’s me up to focus on getting my workouts sorted or any other commitment. Overall I recommend this for everyone."

Chris - Melbourne, VIC

"Time saver for a mum of 2! No more time wasted at shops or prepping and cooking. These easy, simple, tasty meals have also helped me lose over 20kgs since giving birth to bub#2 just over 5 months ago!"

Claudia - Annandale, NSW

I love these guys. I’m very conscious of calories and nutrients as I am a bodybuilder. Considering that it is designed with nutrition in mind I am more than happy. I certainly could not cook that kind of variety with the macronutrient control that these guys offer. I’ll be a customer with them as long as I’m looking after my health."

Daniel - Wentworthville, NSW

"A lot of the ‘healthy’ meals you see advertised have a devil component, often it is high sugar and calories that get snuck in. With 5.4 meals that doesn’t happen, every component is balanced and you know you are eating guilt free."

Edward - Warrandyte, VIC

"5.4 helped me loose 5kgs. With exercise and a healthy lifestyle, it kept me on the right path. Easy, convenient and super amazing customer service."

Elle - Seaford, VIC

"I have been pleasantly surprised by the flavor of the meals. There is no way I could make such simple healing ingredients taste so good. I have lost 1.5kg in my first week."

Ellouise - Blackalls Park, NSW

"Absolutely delish vegan meals!!! So tasty (even my 4 yr old eats them) and every meal is so different. Fresh, tasty and perfectly nutritionally balanced vegan meals. Loving them, totally recommend."

Emily - Fairlight, NSW

"Very happy with the quality of the food and service. The team have been amazing with my repeated (probably annoying) questions and have always been prompt and polite. Thanks for helping me lose weight and save time."

Guy - Eight Mile Plains, QLD

"I highly recommend Fivepointfour to friends and colleagues. The meals have my ideal macronutrients (high-protein, low carb), with tasty and diverse flavours, as well as a competitive price point."

Matt - Miranda, NSW

"Super convenient and it just works! The meal plans work effectively! Food is of great quality, good variety and it’s just so convenient. With my meals taken care of properly, I can spend more time on other things I enjoy doing!"

Nizar - St Leonards, NSW

"Good weight loss meals that really work. I have tried the weight loss meals and so far lost about 7kg in 2 months. I give them 2 thumbs up and I’ll be switching to the maintenance plan once I’ve reached my goals."

Sean - Bayswater, VIC

"Love the food, pricing and convenience. I’ve basically become a fanboy because 5.4’s “weight loss” meals are within the Ketogenic diet. I’ve steadily lost weight while enjoying the convenience of never having to cook."

Simon - Spring Hill, QLD

"This is a product you just can't live without. I was so sceptical about this being just another frozen microwave meal. Well I was blown away. The food tastes like you just made it in the kitchen. Eat well and lose weight. Thank you, thank you, thank you- finally someone gets it! Eating this food and my very little exercise and I'm losing weight and toning. Outstanding product that's got the taste and satisfaction to match."

Steven - Greystains, NSW

"I now have my Sundays back! 5.4 has changed my life! Meals are healthy and delicious compared to other ready made meals 5.4 meals are the most tasteful i have ever had! I can now spend time playing with my babies and not having the hassle of cooking whilst still eating good balanced meals."

Tamara - Ormeau, QLD


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